Blockbuster out on Nov 2!

“Blockbuster” is the latest fiery release by pop songstress Daisy Maude. A captivating indie-pop piece led by Daisy Maude’s subtly raspy and enchanting vocals. “Blockbuster” explores the hidden realities behind the limelight of idealized relationships, mainly those entrenched within Hollywood celebrity culture, and the hazy truths behind glamorous make-believe romances.

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The glow and warmth of fire can be so mesmerizing and yet so destructive..

“Smoke” is about a relationship which has similar characteristics. At the verge of being incredible, destruction comes again and again. This pattern is repeated until you let go, but like fire, the feeling is entrancing.  You can’t help yourself from getting caught in the flames even though you know you’ll just go up in Smoke. I teamed up with Krysta Youngs and Davy Nathan to write this soulful, “chilling” ballad.

Don't Blame Me!

I hope you can identify with me in that one of the most hurtful feelings is when a person you trust or respect wants you to pretend to be someone you aren’t. They cannot see the good in you because it is different from their own preconceived, ingrained opinions.

“Don’t Blame Me” came in a time when I was envisioning (inappropriate but sweet) revenge against this person. It seemed completely justifiable at the time.

I am thrilled to announce this song, “Don’t Blame Me” will be release on July 20th as my debut single. It will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, and pretty much anywhere else you enjoy listening to music.

Please (please please) let me know what you think!